20151128 - Meena-079

CHRIS FILLMORE (electric and acoustic guitars, slide-guitar, pedal- steel) is more than just an outstanding guitar player, songwriter, arranger and co-producer, he forms – together with Meena – the foundation of the band. The special thing about him is the fact he doesn´t boast with his talent. Because there´s no need for him – he is technically brilliant. He know´s how to play his instrument since he was a little boy, inspired by Elvis Presley, Stevie Ray Vaughan or John Lee Hooker.

Starting as a drummer it was clear from the beginning on, this guy is musically multi talented, just leave him an instrument for a few hours, he will be able to play it. Behind his cool and distinctiv appereance, he´s a tasteful and elegant guitarplayer who´s totally focused on the music. He leads the Chris Fillmore Band with a charming precision like only great characters are able to. Chris Fillmore is doubtless born to be a musician and the impressive thing is – he never made a compromise.

musicians we are working with: Frank Cortez, Joris Hendrik, Marlene Lacherstorfer, Kris Jefferson, Roland Guggenbichler, Brigitte Guggenbichler, Bernhard Egger, Carl Kaye, Jojo Lackner,