Singing has never been a job for me and still isn’t

why i sing? because I can do better than talk.

I love Tom Waits.

my role models vary, they change again and again I am particularly impressed by striking voices

I’ve been playing guitar since I was eight and started composing my own songs when I was ten.

In the studio I like level-headed people, people who scream make me nervous.

we should speak openly about the income of musicians

a singer without a good band is nothing

I can be alone, I don’t mind being alone

I can sing about anything, as a child I sang away my fear. I improvised back then and in truth I still do it today.

When my body isn’t working, I can’t sing, it’s very, very, very patient with me.

I’ve had good and bad experiences in this business, I’ve learned from both.

I like small clubs and big stages, I like to play with different musicians, I also need variety in the songs, I get bored quickly.


The best thing about music is touching people, taking them with you and letting go again at the right place

After a concert I sometimes just want to go to my room, to bed under the covers, not because I’m sad, because I´m happy.