There are many exceptional musical talents but only a few who make their way internationally and of those there are only a handful who do it from the beginning as a band and without a big record company. Meena Cryle and Chris Fillmore are two such artists. While it is often said in art that you have to be in the right place at the right time, this was probably not the case for the two blues musicians, who were born in the Innviertel region, at the beginning of their career. It was their flamboyance, talent and perseverance that propelled them forward. The Cryle/Fillmore sound was unmistakable from the very beginning, always with its own touch, never cliché and always on the move. With some eighty concerts a year and tours in Europe and America, appearances at the most famous blues festivals and in major music venues, including the Vienna State Opera, they have built their career and made a name for themselves. From Grammy Award Winner Jim Gaines, who produced their first record in Memphis, to Cindy Lauper, who hired them as an opening act.

Meena Cryle and Chris Fillmore are a musical story and no one can tell it better than these two, and you can’t tell it more personally than in a duet, with just voice and guitar, it’s a joy that they got around to it. As an audience member, you will certainly be in the right place at the right time on this evening.