Chris Fillmore is a multi-instrumentalist who actually started out with drums lessons. Influenced by the lived musicality of his parents, he masters almost every instrument in a short time and has a natural talent for composition and songwriting. Chris Fillmore knows how to make the arc of suspense and the dynamic his own like hardly anyone else. He found his voice in the guitar, his way to the outside world. Junior Wells became aware of him when he was not even twenty years old, the Grammy Award winner Jim Gaines (Stevie Ray Vaughan, Santana,..) found in him a musical revelation and also a soulmate. He conducted the band in the Vienna State Opera as support for Cindy Lauper and was the first austrian guitarist in the european as well as american Blueschallenge. He played in a duet with Donna Grantis (Prince) and Coco Montoya as well as Ian Siegal.

He is a popular invited guitarist for Hans Theessink and he shared the record company with Luther Allison, Devon Allman, Jeff Healey, Eric Bibb, Mike Zito,… Chris Fillmore has several projects in which he deals extensively with his passion for roots music but also with selected songs by Elvis Presley or gospel and soul music. He has been invited to America several times, is an honorary citizen of the city of Tupelo and probably owns more than a hundred guitars and ninety-two amplifiers as well as a variety of vintage equipment. Well-read and extravagant, Chris Fillmore has a natural musical talent that is rarely found.