Nominated for the Austrian Amadeus Music Award, invited to the Memphis Blues Awards, runner-up at the first European Blues Challenge, performances at the Vienna State Opera and the Peer Blues Festival, five albums released, millions of views on YouTube – Meena Cryle and Chris Fillmore are musically world class.

They are absorbed in the music like few others and run a band since they were sixteen. In the quartet they know to surprise with unknown exceptional talents but also with well-known greats of the music scene. The quartet is the more rough side of the Cryle, Fillmore empire. Here Fillmore’s guitar takes over the task of an entire harmony group to lead into dizzying solos at the right moment, in which it really becomes clear what a great and exceptional talent he is.

Howling guitars, wailing vocals and angry tirades, slow blues songs that give you goose bumps and energetic groves. Rock music, Blues and Wisdom.